Unusual Sonic Boom heard in Three Countries

An unusual sonic boom which was heard in three countries at the same time prompted a delude of emergency calls. Ministry of Defense says it was caused when jets responding to another aircraft lost communication. According to reports, several windows of homes and buildings were broken.
Aircraft breaking the sound barrier causes a sonic boom and this was identified to be the cause of broken windows in Cambridgeshire on Saturday June 15 2013. According to reports, the incredible noise could be heard in Hertfordshire and Essex, which occurred at around 11.30 am. The ministry of defense confirmed after the event that the damages was caused by a typhoon fighter jet from the RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire which was responding to a loos of communication from a passenger plane that was on its way to Heathrow airport.
As with all commercial flights, air traffic controllers became worried when they lost communication with a plane travelling from the United States, to the airport and failed in responding to any radio communications. Communication was only re-established late after the jet took off and the plane in question landed safely without incident.
However the take off off the jet caused wide spread panic with reports of windows being smashed. Many people phoned in with reports that objects have hit their roofs as their houses shook. Other people actually thought that their neighbor’s homes were being blown up, that is how loud the noise from the sonic boom was.
Apparently it was the loudest noise anyone has ever heard is the report as many people have never heard the sound of a severe sonic boom before. Many people thought it was a plane crash close by that shook their homes and this phenomenon is something that does not happen very often.

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